Start / Verify your Powershell settings

Verify your Powershell settings

To be able to complete this course, it is recommended to install Powershell 7.1
Next to that, you will also need to install the AZ modules

Install Powershell 7.1

  • Download & install the Powershell 7.1 installer

The Powershell installer can be found here: v7.1.0 Release of PowerShell
Download this MSI and install it on your system.

Install AZ Modules in Powershell 7.1

  • Start a new Powershell 7.1 window as Administrator
  • Install the AZ modules
Install-Module -Name AZ -Scope AllUsers -Force
Install-Module -Name Az.ManagedServiceIdentity -Scope AllUsers -Force
Install-Module -Name Az.ImageBuilder -Scope AllUsers -Force
Install-Module -Name Az.DesktopVirtualization -Scope AllUsers -Force